Electronica Planet E 2016

Electronica Planet E 2016 Where the future begins

Electronica Planet E 2016 Where the future begins

Electronica Planet E is the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Components, Systems and Applications. It is held biannually in the German city of Munich. The 2016 show has been a big success with more than 2 900 exhibitors and 73 000 visitors attending.

The exhibition pretends to bound today with the world of tomorrow by premiering the most recent innovations. From 8 till 11th Nov. Munich has became a world´s window for new concepts and applications being undoubtedly the “IoT” or “Internet of Things” the one that is revolutionizing the electronics industry. The “IoT” allows physical devices to be controlled remotely thanks to an existing network and was defined as “the infrastructure of the information society” in 2013 by the Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoT-GSI).

The exhibition is also a must to visit for all companies that specialize in the laser industry because of the huge importance of electronics applied in lasers. The major advances shown in the exhibition were in sensors, instrumentation and new materials. We found some very interesting materials that can be used in high power laser drivers and that can help our lasers perform better.

The power control systems, more efficient, more powerful and thinner, and also the sensors, essential for the proper functioning of our lasers, were the most relevant areas of the exhibition for us. We also did some new contacts for future collaboration in the development of new projects and strengthened some already existing ones.

Nowadays electronics have become essential for life. We can find this technology in everything that surrounds us from a simple mobile device to a complex communication system for spatial satellites. The Electronica Planet E show is definitely “Where the future begins”.