Calibend cost effective laser heating for sheet metal processing

Calibend: cost effective laser heating for sheet metal processing

The CaliBend research and development project aims at strengthening the future and innovative capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the area of sheet metal processing. These are confronted with new technological customer requirements, e.g. use of high-strength steels and small bending radii. In addition, the number of part variants is increasing, requiring more flexible production systems. As a result, contracts are often given to large companies. The laser module is designed to provide SME with a cost-effective and flexible retrofitting solution for existing process chains. By local laser heating of the work pieces before the bending process, it is possible to process high-strength materials with small bending radii using existing tools while improving part quality. The use of innovative laser technology increases the technological capability of SMEs and strengthens their market position. In CaliBend, a laser module is developed, integrated into a tool and evaluated.

With the achievement of this project, it is expected to substantially increase the performance of industrial applications by quantitatively increasing the strength of the steels. Although initially having a direct impact on the automotive sector, being a flexible module, Monocrom can extend the range of laser-assisted profiling applications to any other metallic profile. (I.e. construction, household appliances, electrotechnical and aerospace applications)

The present project will contribute to the technological training of the company through the acquisition of new know-how in the field of high-resistance heat treatments applied to high-performance laser systems. The project will also allow the Monocrom team to continue with its technological internationalization strategy, enhanced in greater scope with the collaboration of the Fraunhofer IPT project coordinator, Germany’s leading institute in the field of photonics.