Carles Romani

Interview with our CEO – first steps into Photonics and Monocrom

What do you think about the Photonics industry?

Carles Romani: Photonics industry, what a question? I think Photonics industry is very interesting full of people that know a lot about their specific technology, and I think, that makes it interesting and for somebody like me that comes from a different industry, that’s eye opening and I think more people should do the same as I did, get into the Photonics industry, because we think that this industry can really grow a lot if we put a little bit more business-oriented mindset in it.

What motivates you?

Carles Romani: For me the motivation comes from being surrounded by people that know a lot and I think in Monocrom we have the right people to do so. The next 5 years look bright for us, and I hope it’s all going to come from the effort of our employees.

What would you consider as a success?

Carles Romani: Being successful I think that is something that society has some kind of issues because we always think that successful people are the people who have money, and in my mind, that is not really the case, I think you are successful when you get home and you get fulfilled, when you have somebody waiting for you at home.

Where do you see the company in the next 5 years­?

Carles Romani: In the next 5 years I hope that the company doubles the amount of people working in it. I think we should triple our revenue. My main goal is that MONOCROM is a big player in the industry of lasers in the industrial environment, just the same as we are right now in the aesthetics market.

What are the main objectives you would describe as goals for the company?

Carles Romani: I think the main objective we have right now as a team is just building our new headquarters. We are going to expand our facilities 3 times, I see our team is really engaged with the idea, and really motivated to make it happen.

How do you balance family life and work life?

Carles Romani: I think that’s a tough question, I’m not sure if I already do balance them, But Monocrom, I think it’s a really good environment to try to enhance that in myself. Here the team and the politics are really flexible with it, And I think that is really important that people have a good time with their families, they can balance both, Because when you are happy at home you probably will be happier at work.


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