Diode-based laser products with different level of integration, from components, to modules, sub-systems and systems.


Laser Soluions for Medical, Aesthetics, Manufacuring, Imaging, Research, Automotive, Securiy & Defense Industry.

Trusted by many of the world's biggest and best companies.

Our experience with diode lasers starts in 1993

MONOCROM was born with the aim of creating Diode Lasers with clear added value. For this we have invested in cutting-edge research, highly developed Clean Room Facilities and the use of advanced materials and technologies that guarantee higher brightness, less maintenance and longer life of our products.

To create what is now considered the best diode laser devices in the market according to industry professionals, it has been imperative to apply the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015, a quality standard, which has been essential and necessary since it is the best way to offer and guarantee a quality product.

At Monocrom, our goal is simple: help businesses solve everyday challenges with next-gen laser solutions. We’ve already built amazing products that make things a little more easy.

Why choose Monocrom?


We capture, manage and incorporate customer insight into the development process by putting the customers and their needs at the core of our business.




The company’s approach to innovation combines deep technology expertise, market and customer insights and a collaborative culture to create products that count.




We work with each client to understand their needs and develop customized solutions to best meet these needs.




To make a unique product we start with the problem and find a unique solution for it. Behind these products are our ground-breaking technologies.

Solder-free Laser Bar Mounting Technology


Clamping™ is a unique high-tech method of mounting laser bars without soldering.

The technology was developed by Monocrom in 1999 and after being patented it remains for exclusive use of the company.

The non-soldered Clamping™ of laser bars is used in all our diode laser products: from stacks, mounts and arrays to pumping heads and solid-state laser systems.

Clamping™ Technique is unique of its kind and is a guarantee for NO “SMILE” effect, long life-time and high brightness when talking about laser diode packages.

Clamping™ shows superb advantages compared to other laser bar mounting techniques and dotes our lasers with special features

that cannot be found in other similar products where traditional soldering techniques have been used.

item showcase image

No ``smile`` effect

Clamped bar “smile” = 0,1um

Macro channels

The high thermal conductivity between the laser bar and the electrodes permits the use of real macro channels (millimeter channels).

Extended life-time

The reduction of the mechanical stress minimize the smile effect, considerably increasing usefull life-time of the laser diode.

High brightness

The reduction of the mechanical stress minimize the smile effect, improving laser beam quality.

Cooling efficiency

The non-soldering thecnique eliminates the thermal barrier between the laser bar and the electrodes, allowing high thermal conductivity.

Mechanical stress free

The process is performed at room temperature avoiding stress coming from the different thermal expansion of the electrodes and the bar.

Our mission

We are a world-class company driven by the fundamental beliefs of customer focus, innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Our expertise

At Monocrom, we provide laser solutions that offer clear added-value to our customers in many different industries. Our Expertise integrates a diverse range of scientific and engineering capabilities and the use of cutting-edge technologies to create this value. We work in the pursuit of excellence through our industrial expertise, capabilities and collaborative culture.


Looking for your dream job? Explore our opportunities to start an amazing career at a global leader in the Photonics Industry.

Design and Innovation in Diode Lasers
Dide lasers where reliability matters. We have 98% of successful performance0%
80% of parameters are fully customizable, kW, nm, CW/QCW, etc.0%
10.000 pulses more is 40% more useful lifetime than what exists in the market0%
30% more of optical efficiency0%

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