Monocrom AEROSPACE & DEFENCE Application

Lasers for Aerospace & Defence Applications

Wide temperature range of operation and storage, resistance against vibrations and shocks, or power/wavelength/pointing stability are common requirements concerning the qualification of laser devices in the aerospace and defence industries. Monocrom lasers show inherent advantages over its competitors due to the implementation of unrivalled advanced technologies. Its patented ClampingTM technology allows the elimination of any interface material between the active medium (both laser diode arrays and laser crystals) and the heat sink, enhancing their performance and durability. Our technologies have proven to be compliant with the military standard MIL-STD-810. 

Monocrom also applies the solder-jet bumping technique developed at the Institute for Optics and precision engineering (Fraunhofer Institute in Jena, Germany) for the assembling of solid state laser components. In particular, our company is engaged in the fabrication of a miniaturized green laser for a space mission (Exomars) that will be launched in 2020.

Monocrom laser-dazzlers

Laser dazzlers

Monocrom develops laser modules for defense applications under strict confidentiality conditions. As disclosable examples we have manufactured laser dazzlers for fishing vessels, green laser modules emitting a temporal light pattern that provoques a temporal blindness to the attacker, and high power (in the kW range) pulsed direct diode light sources for gathed imaging (a way to "see" behing fire or dense fumes).

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Monocrom free-space-optical-communications

Free-space optical communications

Short and middle range Free-space Optical Data Links can be successfully established with the use of free space lasers (FSLs). They offer high data rates (about 1Gb/s) and are much more cost-effective than other technologies as underground fiber.

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Monocrom mars-exploration

Mars exploration

Monocrom has developed a 532nm laser for the future ESA Exomars mission to Mars. The laser will be used for Raman-spectroscopy with the objective of investigating vestiges of past and evidence of present life in the Red Planet.

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