Free-space optical communications

Near or Mid-IR free-space optical (FSO) communications can be the best choice for short and middle range telecommunications or electronic device networking under extreme conditions, usually met in military environments. They can hardly be intercepted by unwanted observers, and transmission rates can easily be higher than 1Gb/s.

High power diode lasers (HPDLs) are the most suitable laser sources for this application. They are compact, efficient and inherently robust, given its monolithic architecture. Nonetheless military technology always demands to be a step ahead, and this is what we do at Monocrom. Our HPDL stacks and modules are manufactured solder-free, through our patented ClampingTM technology. Clamping the diode laser array (laser bar) instead of soldering it has important implications. Since it is a cold process, laser bars do not show any residual stress due to dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) between the electrodes (usually copper), soldering interface and laser bar itself. Just mechanical pressure guarantees excellent thermal and electrical contact between laser bars and electrodes, as well as mechanical stability. Moreover, ClampingTM technology allows efficient heat extraction from both p and n side. Therefore, when liquid cooling is required, heat extraction can be efficiently carried out by cooling channels above and below the laser bar. Our lasers have been proven to withstand strong temperature cycling, mechanical vibrations and shocks, according to military standard MIL-STD-810.


  • High power near-IR diode lasers. Mid-IR on request
  • Long range power and pulse modulation
  • ClampingTM inside. Minimum maintenance
  • Temperature cycling, mechanical vibration and shock resistant
  • MIL-STD-810 compliant


Passively-cooled stack    


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