Monocrom LASER DAZZLERS Application

Laser dazzlers

Intense, eye-sensitive light can act as an effective deterrent tool to potential attackers, helping to keep a non-approaching perimeter without the use of gunfire. Green lasers are the best option because eye sensitiveness is maximum at 555nm, so less power is needed to provoke a temporary disorientation and confusion, even under daylight conditions. Such type of devices must comply with strict safety measures (maximum threshold brightness, minimum operation distance, maximum exposure time), according to the international protocol of laser blinding weapons issued by the United Nations in 1995.

Monocrom have manufactured laser dazzlers for fishing vessels, contributing to their protection against pirate attacks when operating at far international waters. Maximum distance of effective operation was up to 2km, keeping power density below 5W/m2.

  • Fibre-coupled, high power diode-pumped solid state laser
  • Long range power and pulse modulation
  • Robust and compact design. ClampingTM inside
  • Long distance operation
  • Air-cooled
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