Monocrom MARS EXPLORATION Application

Mars exploration

Monocrom is engaged in Exomars mission (to be launched next 2020) with the development of a miniaturized and extremely robust diode-pump-solid state laser (DPSSL) with second harmonic generation (SHG). It will be part of one of the Raman LIBS equipment included in the Mars exploration rover, which will search for signs of life in the red planet.

Monocrom Exomars laser has been through a ESA-supervised strict and long period of design, component validation and assembling technologies that will come up with one of the most robust lasers of-its-kind ever, capable of withstanding the largest range of storage temperatures, mechanical vibrations and space radiation. All packed in a miniaturized size weighting less than 5g. This has been possible thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Optics and Precision Engineering. The patented solderjet bumping technology allowed bonding the optical elements comprising the laser resonator while aligned, through the precise placement of solder microspheres in a melted state. This technique represents a superior alternative to optical adhesives, which are incompatible with space environment (zero out-gassing, extreme temperature cycling, extreme vibration).

This fascinating journey has enriched Monocrom expertise and know-how, and we are now ready and willing to make this technology landing also on planet Earth.




  • Diode-pumped solid state laser for Raman LIBS
  • Redundant laser architecture
  • Superior power and wavelength stability
  • Compact and light design
  • Adhesive-free. Zero outgassing
  • Extreme temperature and vibration resistant


 Redundant laser, before packaging    

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