Monocrom INDUSTRIAL & COMERCIAL Application

Lasers for Industrial & Comercial Applications

Nowadays, lasers in general, and particularly diode lasers, are literally everywhere, from the storage disc readers in computers, printers and bar-code detectors, to the new cinema projectors or the forthcoming LIDAR-based autonomous driverless vehicles.

Monocrom is an experienced company in developing and producing low and high power laser diode modules for direct diode applications, as well as pumping heads. Our lasers are found in many devices such as offset printers, pointers and target designators, profilers, markers, 3D scanners, holographic projectors, diode-pumped solid state lasers, plastic cutting and welding equipment or laser-assisted roll forming equipment, among others.

Thanks to the innovative spirit of our team, we keep a constant technological watch over key components in optics, engineering materials, cooling technologies, semiconductor and active media. Altogether allows Monocrom to bring you the most advanced solution for your application. 

Monocrom offset-printing

Offset Printing

Laser printing generates high-quality texts and graphics. Our lasers perform at shorter wavelengths with a smaller beam so enabling higher resolution. Adjustable wavelengths and power density result in optimum performance when printing over different substartes.

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Monocrom laser-pumping

Laser Pumping

In solid-state lasers the population inversión needed to achieve amplification in the cavity is achieved by means of optical pumping. Thus, electrons in a ground energy level absorb light in a certain wavelength that allow them to jump to an upper level and from there, using multiple levels decays, they emit light at a longer wavelength.

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Monocrom heat-assisted-metal-sheet-forming

Heat-assisted metal sheet forming

Light-matter interactions can lead to changes in the properties of the involved material. Lasers allow to perform these changes in very localized areas so enabling a wide range of processess and doing others in a faster and more precise way.

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Monocrom pattern-projection

Pattern Projection

Laser pattern projection enables size-for-size drawing transfer almost onto any surface. The polygons are projected with red or green laser lines and parameters can be easily adjusted.

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