Heat-assisted metal sheet forming

The direct diode approach is always the most desirable solution when it comes to material processing, due to the unsurpassed wall-plug efficiency of these laser machines (it can surpass 50% of electro-optical energy conversion including optical elements). This holds especially for applications where brightness (defined through the beam parameter product or BPP) is not the most critical parameter of the laser source. In this sense, sheet metal forming finds on high power diode lasers (HPDLs) probably the best choice for heat-assisted forming, even over induction technology, which is limited in many scenarios due to geometry issues.

Monocrom can provide solutions in the kW range and beyond for incremental roll-forming stations, helping to reduce the number of steps involved (so less roller stations are needed). Laser-assisted roll forming also enables the utilization of stiffer steel alloys to create lighter parts, keeping the same mechanical performance, and without compromising its integrity during and after the forming process. The combination of our patented ClampingTM technology and the use of millimetre-size cooling channels in our diode laser mounts allow an extremely robust and reliable laser head, optimum for industrial environments with minimal maintenance requirements.


 monocrom laser module for industrial applications

 Laser head for heat-assisted metal sheet forming 


  • Direct diode solution to assist sheet metal forming
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Free-beam optics for customized beam delivery
  • High wall-plug efficiency
  • ClampingTM inside. Minimum maintenance













 Laser head generating a laser line of >4.5 kW 



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