Monocrom LASER PUMPING Application

Laser Pumping

Diode lasers are the most popular sources for optical pumping nowadays, because of their unsurpassed wall-plug efficiency (<65%), and wavelength versatility. Many solid state lasers (indeed all fibre and disk lasers) are diode-pumped.

As an OEM company, Monocrom offers pumping solutions in a wide variety of fashions, involving single emitters, emitter arrays (laser bars and mini-bars) and laser bar arrays (vertical and horizontal stacks). At the same time, the set of packages and architectures ranges from simple, passively or actively-cooled chips, to complex pumping heads including rod-shaped active media, for CW and QCW laser operation. High power QCW heads also integrates the driver electronics along with the capacitor bank.

Monocrom offers pumping power from 120 to 720W in CW mode, while in QCW the limits are between 450 and 5400W. Pumping wavelengths start in 635nm (Alexandrite, Cr3+:LiSAF pumping) and is followed by the well known families 8XXnm (mainly Nd3+ -based DPSSLs) and 9XXnm (mainly Yb3+ -based DPSSLs). Monocrom manufactures unique pumping heads thanks to its patented ClampingTM technology. Diode lasers are thermally and electrically contacted from both p and n sides without the use of any soldering interface, just mechanical pressure instead. This fact allows the substitution of micro-channels by millimetre-sized channels machined directly within the p and n electrodes. As a consequence, the cooling channels are less sensitive to corrosion and obstruction, so lower glycol content (10% in volume) is required, which in turn favours a higher heat transfer coefficient and lower maintenance. Altogether makes the most outstanding pumping head architecture, robust and reliable, with total wall-plug efficiencies easily exceeding 30%.

monocrom laser gain modules line

Laser gain modules by Monocrom     

  • Red and near-IR high power diode pumping solutions
  • Multiple designs and head architectures
  • High overall wall-plug efficiency
  • ClampingTM inside. Minimum maintenance
  • Active medium included on request
  • Driver integrated



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