Monocrom OFFSET PRINTING Application

Offset Printing

Near-IR lasers are well suited for large volume runs and for process-free thermal plates in computer-to-plate (CtP) applications. Among the several laser source typologies employed so far, narrow, high power laser modules (tens of W) producing a line-shaped spot are ideal for printing heads involving grating light valves (GLVs).

Monocrom produces passively-cooled high power diode laser modules where the combination of its almost zero smile effect and proper beam focusing optics aids the creation of extremely narrow laser spot lines with an almost flat-top intensity profile along the line (slow axis), delivering more than 40W in CW mode. The reduced smile effect is a direct consequence of our patented ClampingTM technology. Monocrom high power diode lasers (HPDLs) are the only ones in the world assembled at room temperature without soldering. Just mechanical pressure is employed for an excellent thermal and electrical contact of the laser diode arrays (laser bars). In contrast, when laser bars are soldered, the residual stress caused by dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) between the semiconductor, the electrode and the solder interface induces a certain curvature, what is known as the smile effect. In Monocrom HPDLs the laser bars remain flat, only limited by the flatness of the electrodes, which is usually below 0.5μm.





Individual laser spots corresponding to a single diode laser array (or laser bar) showing almost zero smile effect

 Intensity profile of the line spot along the fast axis    



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