Monocrom PATTERN PROJECTION Application

Pattern Projection

Industry 4.0 will bring us more efficient, faster and reliable manufacturing processes through the implementation of new enabling technologies.

Laser will be an essential tool in complex manual assembly processes like those taking place in the automotive or aerospace industry. Laser-assisted line, dot and cross generators aid the creation of projected patterns superimposed to a base framework piece, where the operator can drill, cut or assemble at precise locations without the use of physical patterns, and without losing spatial reference.

Monocrom produces robust and reliable laser modules emitting from 405nm to 1550nm, with strict specifications concerning bore sight (down to 0.01mrad), power and temperature stability (typically <1% and <0.1ºC, respectively) or lifetime (>10000h), focusing or collimation, among others. Line generator optics are offered by Monocrom as a standard, with opening fan angles up to 100 degrees. Other shapes and diffractive optics are available on request.


  •  Visible, near-IR and mid-IR wavelengths
  • Power and pulse wide range modulation
  • Extremely low bore sight
  • Power and temperature active stabilization
  • Wide range of beam delivery options
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