Monocrom MEDICAL Application

Lasers for Medical Applications

Laser technology enhances precision, effectiveness and efficiency in many traditional surgery techniques, and provides unique solutions in treatments and therapies. Monocrom contribution is especially relevant in sectors like Ophthalmology (retinal photocoagulation) and Aesthetics (hair removal). However, our existing product portfolio has been involved in other applications and has the potential to cover many more. Localized fat removal, skin resurfacing, varicose vein removal, photodynamic therapies (acne treatment, actinic keratosis treatment), localized pain relief treatment and tattoo removal are just a few.

As an OEM company, Monocrom develops their products in close collaboration with equipment integrators and professionals from the medical industry.It has a solid experience in the development and production of diode lasers and diode-pumped solid state lasers modules, including optics, cooling hardware, mechanical housings and driver electronics. Monocrom has demonstrated over the years its ability to adapt to their customers needs, offering a high degree of flexibility and versatility when it comes to integration issues.

Monocrom MEDICAL
Monocrom hair-removal

Hair removal

Diode lasers are the most versatile technology existing nowadays in hair removal:we have diode lasers at 808nm, but also at 1060nm (the typical YAG wavelength) and at 760nm (the same wavelength than alexandrite) in a wide power range (from 600W up to 6000W)

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Monocrom photodynamic-therapy

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy consists in selective destruction of tumor cells by means of the photochemical effect of certain substances. A compound is injected in the body. It is retained by the tumor cells while rapidly eliminated by the healthy ones and, after some hours, light is applied onto the area to be treated. Thus, the compound is activated and kills tumor cells leaving healthy ones safe.

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Monocrom retinal-photocoagulation

Retinal photocoagulation

The laser allows fast, precise and minimally invasive eye surgery. Green wavelengths are very efficiently absorbed by hemoglobin so these lasers are used for photocoagulation. Furthermore, with the right control Related on pulses, a detached retina can be recovered.

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