Lipo Laser Technology for Fat Removal

Body contouring through the liquefaction of localized fatty tissue

Throughout the years laser lipo laser technology has become a commonly used and accepted aesthetic tool for removal of unwanted fatty tissue. Lipo lasers allow to liquefy fatty tissue, coagulate small blood vessels, promote skin tightening and remodeling body contour.

Health professionals may combine lipo laser technique with other treatments to enhance body contouring and skin tightening without disfiguring scars. Lipo lasers are ideal as a complementary tool to satisfy the growing demand for safe and minimally invasive technologies.

Certain wavelengths result in superior lipolysis: 924nm wavelength has the best selectivity rate for fat liquefying, but may not be the most appropiate for skin tightening unless combined with other wavelengths. 1064nm wavelength has very good tissue penetration and superior heat distribution that result in excellent skin-tightening effect, but relatively low fat melting. Going up to  1320nm wavelength may be  obtained greater fat absorption with lower tissue penetration and scatter, being safer and, therefore, preffered for treatment of delicate areas, such as  inner thighs, arms or the neck.

Indicated for

  • Fat reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening


  • effectively decrease adiposity
  • improved skin tightening
  • short recovery times
  • minimal damage to surrounding structures
  • safe, non‐invasive treatment

Technical parameters

wdt_ID Technical specifications System Wavelength Datasheet
1 A-stack Diode 915/940/1060 nm A-stack
2 C-stack Diode 915/940/1060 nm C-stack
3 M-stack Diode 915/940/1060 nm M-stack
lipolysis lasers

How does lipolasers work?

External application of laser energies, including 1064nm  wavelengths increase fibroblast numbers, stimulate new collagen, and augment tissue tightening and elasticity. Low level laser therapy in the 920 nm wavelength range purport lipolysis and collagenesis externally. Monocrom offers optimized lipo laser technology for effective penetration and absorption through the skin also for internal application of laser energy for reducing fatty tissue and enhancing skin tightening.

  • Fast patient recovery, most patients are able to return to normal daily activities within 1.5 days
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Skin-tightening effect (skin tightening continues to improve several months after laser irradiation due to the delayed nature of neocollagenesis)

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