Vascular lasers

Vascular laser therapy

Safe and effective treatment for long term wellness benefits

Vascular skin problems are more than an aesthetic problem having their origins in the circulatory system that supplies our skin with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Treating vascular conditions provides health benefits for the patients than just improving the aesthetic appearance of veins

Our MP532 fiber laser offers affordable and highly effective treatment to many different vascular disorders, reducing health risks and enhancing a correct blood circulation for long term wellness benefits.

Indicated for

  • Vascular malformations
  • Varicose veins


  • Effectively treat many types of vascular lesions
  • Minimal damage to surrounding normal skin structures
  • Safe, non‐invasive and less painful treatment
MP532 Fiber Laser

Technical parameters

wdt_ID Technical specifications Parameters
1 Peak wavelength [nm] 532 nm (577 nm available by 2021)
2 Peak power [CW] Up to 8 W
3 Peak Power [QCW] Up to 15 W
4 Beam quality M2 < 1.4
5 Fiber coupled [µm] 50 µm
6 Power on demand (switching on-off)
Multi-Path® technology
Low cooling requirements
High power stability

How does it work?

Our MP532 fiber laser works with multi-Path technology, offers high power stability and requires a low maintenance. A laser that could quite possibly take your vascular device to the next level.

Vascular therapy is a non-surgical, and minimally invasive treatment for removing unwanted veins. Vascular lasers eliminate the damaged blood vessels through the principle of photocoagulation and photothermolysis. The laser beam penetrates the skin surface without damaging it and is transformed into heat by being absorbed by the hemoglobin of the injured vessels. The applied heat coagulates the vessels and facilitates the clot absorption by the body itself. Laser vascular treatment doesn´t harm the skin or tissue and patients should not expect downtime or healing time.

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