Monocrom HAIR REMOVAL Application

Hair removal

Skin laser irradiation under specific conditions induces selective damage on the stem cells surrounding the hair follicle, leaving the skin or adjacent tissues unaltered. As a result, the germination of new hair is prevented for long periods of time (months or years), or even permanently. This is the underlying principle of laser-assisted hair removal (LHR).

Monocrom manufactures diode laser stacks and modules with an appealing variety of features. Our lasers cover all possible wavelengths used for hair removal, from 760nm to 1060nm using exclusively diode laser technology. Furthermore, diode lasers are assembled at Monocrom using its unique ClampingTM technology (solder-free), which provides superior performance under pulsed-operation, enabling also longer lifetimes (>108 pulses). Pulse fluence ranges from 10 to 100J/cm2, depending on the peak power and the application spot size, but also on the repetition rates (up to 12 shots per second). By selecting the right combination of laser parameters, safe and effective treatments can be carried out on any patient regardless of its skin phototype. In addition, Monocrom laser heads offer all types of beam delivery, from lens-collimated free beams to skin-contacted- cooled tips. Direct liquid cooling and thermoelectric (TEC) cooling are possible in a wide spectrum of laser head architectures. 

Moreover, our R&D department is continuously working ahead of the market to offer new solutions to incipient new demands or improve their reliability, performance, cost and safety. This is the case of our new triple-wavelength laser head and a new concept of beam delivery: the liquid fibre. This new laser architecture provides the ultimate solution in hair removal laser heads, showing a remarkable reduction in the weight of the opeartor’s handpiece, and  unsurpassed laser beam homogeneity.




Intensity distribution of the laser spot homogenised through the liquid fibre

  • Single or multiwavelength laser heads available 
  • Wide range fluence
  • ClampingTM inside. Superior performance and lifetime under QCW regime
  • Flexible design for an easy integration
  • New liquid-fibre concept for beam delivery
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