Laser solutions for Ophthalmology

Solutions in regular and advanced retinal photocoagulation techniques based on diode-pumped solid state laser technology.

  • Wide power range, fluence and pulse modulation
  • Versatile, compact and robust design
  • Selective retinal therapy (SRT) for ultra precise laser treatments
  • Photocoagulation Therapy

Technical specifications


MP-532 nm

LQ-527 nm

Wavelength [nm]

532 ± 1


Power [w]*

Up to 5W CW / 10W QCW

Energy [mJ]


Beam dimensions [µm]



Up to 1,4

Up to 1,5

Pulse duration

10 ms- CW

1,55 – 2,06 µs

Repetition rate [Hz]

1- CW

Up to 220

Life-time [h]

Up to 10000

Fiber Coupling

Aiming wavelength [nm]


Aiming power [mW]


Fiber core [µm]


Fiber NA


Fiber connector


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