Laser solutions for Spectroscopy

Low power, single frequency diode lasers are ideal for the most common Raman spectroscopy set-ups, while high energy diode-pumped solid state laser (HiEN-PULS), open the possibility to step into all coherent Raman spectroscopy applications as well as remote Raman spectroscopy.

  • Raman
  • LIBS
  • CRDS

Technical parameters

Raman Spectroscopy

narrow linewidth

532 nm / 785 nm / 1064 nm

< 1 W for microscopy application

high energy SSL for remote Raman spectroscopy

diode laser as well as diode-pumped SSL


single or dual wavelength 532 nm / 1064 nm
< 10 mJ to create a plasma Q-switched diode-pumped SSL

Cavity ring-down Spectroscopy

narrow linewidth (and tunable system)
680 nm – 1064 nm (depending on the trace gas)
diode laser as well as diode-pumped SSL

760-765 nm oxygen detection
767 nm K-Spectroscopy (D2)
780 nm Rb-Spectroscopy (D2)
795 nm Rb-Spectroscopy (D1)
852 nm CS-Spectroscopy (D2)
922 nm Sr-Spectroscopy
953 nm Yb-Spectroscopy
953 nm Water-Spectroscopy

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