Category: Lasers

Raman spectroscopy and Monocrom products

13 May 2019
A brief introduction into Raman spectroscopy and related applications. An overview over the physics, the requirements on the laser source and the detector properties necessary to detect a proper spectrum.

An Eye on Ophthalmic Lasers

22 Mar 2019
Lasers are the ultimate surgery tool in ophthalmology and retinal laser photocoagulation is the gold standard for the treatment of common eye deseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy.

Innovative solder-free approach to diode bar assemblies

18 Dec 2018
The ultimate alternative to overcome smile effect has been shown and demonstrated by Monocrom for the last 20 years, and it relies on an extremely simple concept: mechanical pressure (ClampingTM).

Laser diodes optical output power model

18 Oct 2018
A modelling method of laser diodes optical output power, especially for mid-high power diodes working in continuous wave (CW) or quasi continuous wave (QCW) modes, and focusing in the optical output power dependency on temperature and its model implementation in Pspice, targeting its computer simulation.

Calibend: cost effective laser heating for sheet metal processing

31 May 2018
We have started a new research and development project, Calibend. The project aims to develop and test a flexible, cost-effective laser-heating module for SME in the sector of sheet metal processing used for bending high-strength steel. The project is launched under the Acció Programme of the Generalitat de Catalynia, Spain.

Thea Laser: liquid fiber optics in hair removal

29 Mar 2018
What if different wavelengths were combined in the same laser systems, so the full range from 760nm to 1064nm could be covered by a single high power diode laser source? This is now possible at Monocrom thanks to Thea, a smart combination of re-shaping & combining optics along with the use of a liquid optical fibre. 

Destination: MARS

30 Jun 2017
The Exomars project of the European Space Agency is the biggest challenge in laser development that Monocrom has faced until today. The program, established for the investigation of vestiges of life on Mars, has given Monocrom the development of a diode pumped solid state laser for the mission to the Red Planet in 2020.

Lasers, ham & wine in Munich

22 Jun 2017
We are ready for the show. Then, all that’s left is to invite you to our Ham&Wine event.

Colourful lasers

31 Mar 2017
Do you know how laser wavelengths are getting absorbed by different colors? Once you know the answer to this question, you can apply it to different scenarios that you may see along the way.