Colourful lasers

31 Mar 2017


Monocrom Post: Colourful lasers

The main goal of this little blog post is to give your mind and curiosity a vivid view on how laser wavelengths are getting absorbed by different colors. Once you know the answer to this question, you can apply it to different scenarios that you may see along the way. For example, you may happen to have a tattoo that you don´t like it anymore and want to get rid of it. Pulsed lasers can help you doing that. But you should choose the right laser since all the mystery about removal of tattoos by laser is laid in the fact that an intense pulse of laser interacting by inked practice trapped in the skin will break those practice. To have the maximum efficiency, we would like to have more absorption and less reflection. 

The 1064 nm wavelength is very well absorbed by dark colors. So it will be the obvious choice for black tattoos. Although for warm colors like red, violet, brown you may choose 532 nm both of these two wavelength are generated by Nd:YAG laser. For treating a green or blue tattoo, it is better to use a 694 nm wavelength. Today the technology is advancing in an amazing rate and you may find very compact laser system that would meet your need. In Monocrom we also provide such laser systems. In conclusion, to remove a colorful tattoo, you need a colorful laser!