Starting a new project. HIP-Lasers

21 Oct 2016


A new project called HIP-Lasers has recently taken its first steps. The project is being co-founded by the Eurostars program, and its consortium is formed by Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (Germany), a research institute focused on project-oriented research in applied mathematics, Femtika (Lithuania), a Vilnius University Laser Research Center spinoff company equipped with deep working knowledge in the area of laser based precision micro fabrication in transparent materials, Raab-Photonik (Germany), a company with a broad expertise in the area of laser technology, and Monocrom, acting as a leading partner.

The project lasts 30 months, and it had its kick-off meeting on 14th of October at Monocrom’s facilities. The project’s Management Committee is formed by Dr. Mindaugas Radziunas from WIAS-Berlin, Dr. Volker Raab from Raab-Photonik GmbH, M.Sc. Vidmantas Sakalys and Dr. Vytautas Purlys from Femtika, Dr. Kestutis Staliunas from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Dr. Joan Montiel, Project Coordinator, and M.Sc. Carles Oriach, Chairman of the Management Committee.

The consortium aims at building a compact high power direct diode laser platform capable of emitting up to 1kW without an amplifier with a good quality output beam. We expect the laser platform to  allow Monocrom entering new market areas in the manufacturing and material processing industries with applications such as metal drilling and cutting, marking, laser welding.