Clamping Technology

Laser Bar Clamping™ Technology

Solder-free laser bar mounting

While soldered bars present a serie of problems as thermal expansion mismatch, high temperature process, fatigue effect with consequient lifetime reduction, our Clamping technology overcomes all of these troubles thanks to the total elimination of the soldering process

– Patent EP1341275B1
– For exclusive use of Monocrom

The bars are clamped between two electrodes like a sandwich

Monocrom clamping mounting

Extended life-time – 10000 h.
CW/Cycles on/off 50% DC

The process is performed at room temperature avoiding stress coming from the different thermal expansion of the electrodes and the bar. The reduction of the mechanical stress minimize the smile effect, improving laser beam quality and considerably increasing usefull life-time of the laser diode

Monocrom clamping smile effectv2

No “smile” effect

Smile is not an issue when clamped bar mounting is used.

Clamped bar “smile” = 0,1um

Large operation and storage temperature range

At high temperature, the solder outgassing can produce the contamination of the laser bar. When clamped-mounting of bars is used, operation and storage temperature can increase.

Storage temperature: (60ºC,+85ºC)

High cooling efficiency

The non-soldering technique allows the use of electrodes with high thermal conductivity. Furthermore both anode and cathode electrodes act as heat sinks. There is no thermal barrier between the laser bar and the electrodes.

Real macro channels – millimeter channels

Laser bar stack

Conductively cooled mount

Monocrom clamping cooling22

Water cooled mount: one or both electrodes with water

High reliability

Clamped laser bars (single or stacked) shows excellent reliability operating in all possible operation modes, from very shot pulses at high repetition rate, to CW conditions.

Packaging versatility

From standar architecture to customized designs and high power solutions, Monocrom Clamping Technology has demostrated to be highly versatile.

Peak power at CW < 90 W/bar

Peak power at high repetition rate < 250 W/bar

Pulse energy < 10 J/bar at low repetition rate

Monocrom clamping packaging

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