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Who We Are

Established in 1993, Monocrom's vision is to grow its position as a global market leader in the laser industry through continued improvement and commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to help you find the right laser solution, minimize your costs, maximize your income - saving you time and worries.

Monocrom is an UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 registered company located in one of Europe’s pioneering regions in photonics, 3o km south of Barcelona, Spain. We design and manufacture high quality laser devices and laser electronic components for an array of industries.

We bring innovation and competitiveness in photonics.

We craft ideas into light.

We posess the knowledge and the expertise to make things easier.

Cutting edge research
100% adaptable laser solutions

We speak your language. We support you throughout the whole process: from the design to the integration of the laser into your system.

Always close to you.

Global presence
Extensive distribution network
Short reaction time

Culture of Excellence

Monocrom culture is based on shared core values among all employees. These fundamental principles guide decision-making, actions and build a sense of community creating a unified and motivated workforce.

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At Monocrom, we seek to deliver effective laser solutions to growth market sectors. We combine the use of cutting-edge technologies on an integrated. series of high precision processes that underpin clean room facilities and world class capabilities.

Monocrom Production


Clean room area

We have clean rooms (class ISO8 and class ISO5 certified) devoted to manufacturing our laser diodes and DPSSL under optimal cleanness conditions. Thus, our laser products maximize their performance and lifetime.

Chemical laboratory

Most of the treatments needed in our production process are applied in our chemical lab. From the simplest surface cleaning to the most complex coating to improve the conductivity of our high power laser diode bar assemblies.

Machinery park

A wide machinery park allows us to perform any manufacturing process in Monocrom. So, we speed up the prototyping process and the pre-series, shortening the time-to-market for our customers and easing the continuous improvement of our laser products.

Monocrom Research & Development


Optical Lab

An independent class ISO8 area with ISO5 flow boxes, equipped with cutting edge instruments for the development of new concepts and products. This way we ensure the production and R&D can work close but without interfering.

Electronic Lab

The electronics used in Monocrom's products are designed by our own engineers and we have verification equipment and a highly skilled team to perform laser engineering services including also its electronics tasks.

Monocrom Operations


Some of the processes and services for serial productions and mid and large size productions are outsourced. We rely on homologated partners that are coordinated and controlled from Monocrom.

Member & Collaborator of:

Monocrom Member & Collaborator of Secpho
Monocrom Member & Collaborator of Fotonica
Monocrom Member & Collaborator of ICFO
Monocrom Member & Collaborator of Epic Assoc
Monocrom Member & Collaborator of Optical Society of America