Expertise in laser technology

While production is the engine of Monocrom, R&D is the very core of the business. We posess broad scientific and technical expertise in laser physics, semiconductor, optical fiber technology and laser electronics. Our mission is the design and development of laser diode devices with high added value, innovative and competitive diode-based lasers and diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL).

Our experience in the laser field has demonstrated the applicability of new concepts in laser physics, like our patented technology for non-soldered mounting of laser bars, Clamping™

Our solid state Q-Switched green laser, capable of providing microseconds laser pulses has been considered one of the most important developments in eye surgery from the last years.

Monocrom has a wide experience and good success rate participating in research projects both as partner and as leader. These projects are sponsored by the European Union and some Spanish organisms as well, often in cooperation with other academic research centres and institutions. Our latest challenge in the outer space has been the developpment of an ultra lightweight and resistant green laser for the ESA ExoMars space mission to MARS in 2020.

Ongoing projects

Project acronym: HIP Lasers
Duration: 01/10/2016 – 31/03/2019
Project full title: High Power Composites of Edge Emitting Semiconductor Lasers
Reference: E10524
Role: Main partner

Project acronym: SHREDDERSORT
Duration: 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2016
Project full title: Selective Recovery of Non-Ferrous Metal Automotive Shredder by Combined Electromagnetic Tensor Spectroscopy and laser-induced Plasma Spectroscopy.

Reference: 603076 FP7-ENV-2013-
Role: Partner

Project acronym: EXOMARS Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS)
Duration: 2008 – date not specified
Project full title: Space Mission to Mars (ESA)
Role: Collaborator

Project acronym: SURCAR
Duration: 01/08/16 – 31/12/2019
Project full title: Technological developments for new automotive components with advanced functional finishes.
Reference: IDI-20160887
Role: Partner

Project acronym: CaliBend
Project full title: Development and testing of a flexible, cost-effective laser-heating module for SME in the sector of sheet metal processing used for bending high-strength steel.
Reference: RDAL-17-1-0005
Role: Partner

Project acronym: SensoLas
Project full title: Improvement of the reliability of the laser hair removal process in the medical-aesthetic sector through the sensorization of laser heads manufactured in Spain.

Reference: AEI-010500-2017-262 (MINECO)
Role: Partner

Finished projects

2013 – 2016 LASHARE Laser equipment assessment for high impact innovation in the manufacturing European industry.

2010-2011 New laser sources based on interwined photons for quantum information. Avanza I+D program of the Ministry of Industry, Spanish Government.

2009-2011 Industrial research in high power diode lasers for telecommunication´s application. Avanza I+D program of the Ministry of Industry, Spanish Government.

2010-2012 Research of pumping modules based on ultra-short and ultra-intense pulses laser diodes. Sponsored by CDTI, Spain.

2007-2009 Development of a new laser based on a self frequency-doubler. CIDEM/ACC1Ó program of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”, Catalan Government.

2004-2007 DT_CRYS Double Tungstate Crystals: synthesis, characterization and applications. STREP European Project, framework “Nanotechnologies” and nano-sciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices.

2005-2007 LASERIS Development and innovative laser printing system, basic on serigraphic thermo-chromic ink CRAFT European Project, 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological DEvelopment and Demonstration.

2004-2006 NOVIGLAS: Innovative high power laser machinery, based on polycrystalline Nd: YAG for making and cutting large metal surfaces, CRAFT European Project, 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological DEvelopment and Demonstration.

2000-2000 CHOCLAB II: Instruments and standard test procedures for laser beam and optics characterization.