Diode Lasers for Imaging Applications

Diode lasers for imaging, offered by Monocrom, are used in many demanding imaging applications such as: non-contact 3D metrology, particle image velocimetry (PIV), aerial and high speed thermography, radiography imaging , computer to plate (CTP), patterning.

Monocrom supplies laser diode systems for IR cameras to serve thermal imaging applications, such as aerial and high speed thermography. The main users of these systems are the aerospace, automotive, chemical, electonics and electrical industries. Thermal imaging is also suitable for inspections of mechanical components and material testing, also in Medicine, to help detect cancer at an earlier stage and locate the source of arthritis and circulation issues.

Our range of laser solutions for high speed laser optical measurement in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) suits a variety of research and diagnostics needs. These lasers are especially attractive for aerodynamic research and development in industrial facilities, where they enable understanding of complex flow phenomenon.


  • IR thermography
  • Direct imaging for patterning
  • Particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • Non-contact 3D metrology
  • Computer to plate (CTP)
3d laser scanning

Inspection automotive part dimension by 3D laser scan measuring machine.

Thermography -thermal imaging

IR thermography of electronic circuit with color scale.

Laser imaging applications - x-ray

Shoulder joint x-ray, bone pathology diagnosis.

Laser pattern projection

Laser pattern projection.


Technical specifications




Operation mode

Power stability



from 405 nm up to 1550 nm

up to 300 mW

CW / TTL switched / Modulated

< 0.5% with temperature variation

Fixed / Collimated or focusable at 20 mm distance

down to 1 mrad

  • Integrated electronics
  • Thermo-electrical wavelength stabilization on request
  • High beam performance for any pattern request
  • Focused spot size down to 10 µm depending on the distance
  • Very low line bowing submillimeter

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