Laser-assisted roll-forming

High power Laser Diode Roll-forming technology

Bending of metals and steel without cracks and defects

Monocrom offers laser diode systems for crack-free, hot roll-forming and bending of metals and ultra-high strength steels for more efficient and faultless material processing. Our high power laser diode roll-forming technology is suitable for light weighting applications and shows multiple advantages compared to other conventional bending techniques. It allows crack-free bending, forming of smaller profile radii than possible in simple bending and possesses other advantages such as lower investment cost compared to stamping, less tool wear and the ability to form complex shapes.

Ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) is being increasingly used to form automotive components, such as, car seats, bottom sill reinforcements, door beams, roof bows among others.

  • direct diode laser approach with high E-O efficiency
  • continuous application of local forces in bending mode
  • new design ready-to integrate
  • reliable and robust
  • cost effective optical design adapts well to the application

Main advantages

  • faultless bending, no cracks
  • improve strength (higher impact resistance)
  • weight reduction (reducing part thickness)
  • forming of complex shapes
  • quality finish of the final parts

Its implementation in a production line makes possible:

  • use less bending stations
  • shorter roll-forming line
  • increase fabrication speed – speed up production

Technical parameters

wdt_ID Technical specifications Parameters
1 Production line 160 mm x 1 mm of 4.8 kW @ 940 nm
2 Power densities up to 3 kW/cm2
3 Vibration resistance up to 3 g
Monocrom @Met Direct Diode

Industrial laser module
Production line metal roll-forming

How does it work?

Laser-assisted roll-forming is the industrial process in which a metal sheet is first heated by a laser source and then bended by a roller dies into a desired cross-sectional profile. Compared to the conventional way of forming metal, hot and cold forming, the laser-assisted roll-forming process is more cost-efficient.  In the hot roll-forming, a lot of energy is lost due the heating of the whole metal sheet. The cold roll-forming process may cause cracks and spring-backs, and thus increase costs in raw materials. When laser source is used to heat the sheet of metal, the laser only hits the area of bending saving energy and reducing drastically the possibility of cracking.

Lasers are ideal when bending ultra-high strength steels that are very sensitive to high temperature and present easily spring-backs and cracks. It is needed a stable and controlled power source with high reaibility in order to achieve a faultless bending of complex materials. The laser sources offered by Monocrom are designed to fit in industrial roll-forming machines.

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