MET Series laser metal processing

MET Series

 Laser Metal Processing Technology

Laser metal processing met series

Our MET Series of highly efficient horizontal arrays of edge-emitting laser diodes for metal processing has been designed to optimize sheet metal manufacturing in modern production lines.  These lasers are used for heat-assisted roll-forming, surface structuring and localized heat treatment applications and can be used for  others as well. All these modules are housed in a robust enclosure prepared for harash industrial environment and equipped with driver electronics.  Thus, the customer only has to provide the required DC voltage supply to operate the laser system.

Metal processing
Metal part processing


Designed for heat-assisted roll-forming, the MET R9 direct diode laser module consists of several laser bar stacks arranged in a horizontal array. It concentrats up to 5kW of output power onto a tightly focused straight line on the metal workpiece.  Line width and length is customizable according to the area that needs to be traeted.


This more powerful and more flexible module has been designed for heat-assisted stamping of ultra-high strength steels. The MET S9 laser module offers up to 10kW of power with complete customization of the intensity distribution along the line with extra control of workpiece ductility. Its high electro-optical efficiency and extremely high maximum power density enables rapid and controlled heating with low energy consumption. Over 20,000 hours of life-time guaranteed (2 years of non-stop usage or over 5 years of 10 hours/day usage).


Met B8 is a direct diode laser source  for  thermal-assisted bending processing of high-strength steels (HSS). It allows a minimal bending radii, increased precision and quality with no damage to the metal workpiece. Reaching power densities close to 40 W/mm2, it heats up locally the bending line of the sheet metal at a forming temperature regime in less than 2 seconds allowing a crack-free bending while increasing the typically low forming limits of HSS. The laser source can be easily integrated on an industrial servo press for continuous die processing.

  • Metal/steel/HSS heat-assisted roll-forming
  • Heat-assisted stamping of metal/steel/HSS
  • Heat-assisted bending of metal/steel/HSS 
Monocrom direct diode laser modules
Industrial laser module
Metal laser processing met series


Improving the formability of sheet metal

Improving the Formability of Sheet Metal

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