FLEX I-2000

FLEX I-2000, Mid-IR laser

Industrial Laser Technology at 2 um for Clear Welding of Polymers

Introducing FLEX I-2000 Mid-IR laser, fiber-coupled laser at 2 µm wavelength range, for Clear Welding of polymers. These lasers are designed for clear-to-clear  joints where white or transparent parts are welded together. Welding clear parts presents some difficulties related to the color of the polymers as they are clear in the visible range of light, thus with a higher absorption in the SWIR (< 2 µm) region of light. That is why standard sources at the 808 nm to 1060 nm are not suitable for this application due to unwanted absorption or reflection. Weld quality can be improved via the right choice of beam delivery.

Monocrom FLEX I-2000 is a laser diode-based solution that presents remarkable advantages compared to other laser systems which makes them a superb solution for polymer welding:

  • delivers much higher total Wall Plug Efficiency (WPE) values achieving up to 10% at 2 µm to 3 µm.
  • offer optical power of 105 W in continuos wave (CW)
  • any wavelength available between 2 µm to 3 µm
  • laser bar-based modules coupled into different fiber cores
  • optional light guides to homogenize the welding spot
Flex series laser system


Rectified Polarization Beam Combining technology used.  This technology is wavelength agnostic allows to follow the moving gain of semiconductor laser diodes, which can be caused by injection current and p-n-junction temperature in- or decrease


  • Clear-to-clear laser welding of polymers
  • Laser marking
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Application notes

Application Notes

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