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Solid state laser exomars

A minituarized solid-state laser for Raman Spectroscopy from Monocrom is part of the instrumentation on the Rosalind Franklin Rover designed to explore the surface of Mars. The ESA ExoMars programe comprises 2 missions:  the Trace Gas Orbiter – launched in 2016, and a rover and surface platform, planned for 2022. The aim of the programe is to prove if life has ever existed on the Red Planet. Both missions are carried out in cooperation with Roscosmos.

The first mission was launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstanon on 14th March 2016 and arrived on 19 October 2016. The rover launch is planned for 2oth September 2022 and expected to land on Mars on 10th June 2023

Monocrom has developed a redundant, green, diode-pumped solid-state laser, which is the illumination source inside the laser module for the Raman spectrometer, one of the instruments on the rover. This laser source has to satisfy very strict requirements, to meet both, space mission and scientific needs.


The ExoMars mission rover has been given the name of Rosalind Franklin. It will explore the Martian surface drilling up to 2 m. depth. A Raman Spectrometer, which illumination source has been developped by Monocrom, will analyze the samples.

2 m. drill depth

4 modules

70m/sol driving on Mars

Exomars rover mars mission


Wavelength: 532nm at CW  (stability of ±0.02nm in 20 minutes operation)

Output power: 20 – 35mW with a stability of ±5%

Spectral width: FWHM<0.03nm

Volume: around 1.4cm3

Weight: <3.1g

Redundancy and high efficiency: 30mW at 532nm with total proton fluence and immune to single event effects

Low outgassing values of components (according to space standards for optical applications)

High robustness: laser performance requirements are met after the launch, landing and cruise phases, during its operational lifetime on the planet surface


Learn more about the development

Learn more about the development

Laser technology for spectroscopy

Laser Technology for Spectroscopy

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