Lidar laser technology

Military LiDAR Laser Technology

Monocrom supplies military LiDAR Laser Technology for different kinds of measurements in an array of sectors and industries. The Automotive and Aerospace industry are the main users of this versatil laser technology. LiDAR tech is also successfully used for improving weather forecasts in Meteorology, for quality control of fields in Agriculture and also for supporting Renewable-Energy technologies.

Lidar application

Technical parameters LIDAR Laser Sources

LiDAR type


Repetition rate (Hz)

Pulse energy (mJ)

Pulse energy (mJ)

Seabed mapping / bathymetry
405 / 450 / 527 / 532

10 – 1000

1 – 10

Direct diode / (Nd:YLF / YAG / YVO)
Automotive / autonomous driving cars
905 / 15xx
CW – 10000
1 – 10
direct diode / Er:Glass
Agricultural industry
905 / 10xx
10 – 10000
1 – 10
Nd:YLF/YAG/YVO/ direct diode
Meteorology – velocity profile of wind
10xx / 15xx
10 – 1000
< 1000
Nd:YLF/YAG/YVO/ direct diode
Meteorology – temperature profile of athmosphere
10xx/ 15xx
< 1000
Nd:YLF/YAG/YVO/ direct diode
Meteorology – trace gas detection
2000 – 3000
1000 – 10000
5 – 50
Tm:YAG / Ho:YAG / direct diode
Electricity producing industry – wind profile determination
10xx / 15xx
CW – 200
< 100
Nd:YLF / YAG / YVO Er:Glass / direct diode
Aerospace industry – turbulences and wake – vortexes
905 / 10xx / 2010
> 10000
1 – 10
Nd:YLF / YAG / YVO / Tm:YAG / direct diode

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