Mission Vision Values

Our vision

Be one of the world’s leading companies in laser solutions with potential to shape the future of laser applications.

This statement defines where do we see ourselves in the future. How? The foundation for it is our spirit of innovation and our commitment to excellence. In pursuance of our goal we are playing in a team where everybody counts, and where we share the knowledge and our passion for the work we do.

The laser industry is an emerging industry undergoing a fast growth and constant transformation. New competitors, new markets and new fields of applications are arising. Managing these successfully will position us as one of the top companies in the laser industry. We believe that a change is always a challenge, and a challenge is an opportunity to learn and progress. This is how we think, how we act and how we pursue our vision: to lead the way of laser applications

Our mission

Deliver laser solutions worldwide, based on innovation, trust, excellence and CSR.

We empower innovation through constant scientific research, which is the cornerstone of our laser solutions.

We keep focusing on quality assurance throughout all areas of our business, from product development to logistics and customer service.

We ensure excellence-based work culture to satisfy the highest customer’s expectations.

We stand for sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to our employees and community.

Our values

We make customers happy
Our customers are part of the Monocrom family. We serve and support them in the best way possible and care about their satisfaction. We negotiate successfully setting a clear and precise communication. Then, we provide a high standard service sticking to the agreed terms and conditions.
We think S.M.A.R.T and trust the process
We add value with focus on Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals. We trust the process and look at difficult circumstances as valuable learning opportunities.
We are all part of the same team
We collaborate, share knowledge and inspire others to achieve the goals together. A competitive product and service requires our collective team effort. Our true strength lies in unity.
We do it better, then best
We always try hard and push our limits. We challenge ourselves day after day not fearing to fail and celebrating our successes.
We go further
We are curious. We are creative. We innovate. No matter how challenging a project is, we can make it come true. We promote mental flexibility against stagnant thinking. We question everything, put things upside down to keep an open mind and see beyond the obvious.
We build a family mood
We are humble, open and direct and treat everybody in an equal and respectful way. We are all part of one big family, where we grow professionally and personally in a supportive and friendly atmosphere where everybody counts.