Monocrom participates in The World of Photonics Congress 2017 Munich

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Monocrom participates in The World of Photonics Congress 2017 Munich

The World of Photonics Congress is the European most important technical event in the photonics and light industry. It is held in conjunction with the international trade fair LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich from 25 to 29 June. The event is a meeting point for researchers of all over the world who join in the Bavarian capital to get a complete overview of the latest topics in photonics and light technologies.

On this occasion, Monocrom will participate as a speaker in the System Technology and Process Control Session, part of the Laser in Manufacturing Conference (LIM 2017). In focus: a high energy and dual-pulse MOPA laser for selective recovery of non-ferrous metals.

Monocrom will present his latest high energy master oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) system, in which nanoseconds (~1.5 ns) laser pulses in a TEM 00 mode are generated from a microchip laser and their energy is increased up to 20 mJ by a power-amplifier. The laser can be operated in single or dual-pulse mode with an inter-pulse delay of ~ 50 ± 10 us; and from single shot up to 100 Hz repetition rate.

The developed MOPA system is aimed, but not limited, to selectively recover non-ferrous metals (especially cast and wrought aluminium) from end of life vehicles waste, by means of Laser Induced Break-down Spectroscopy. The unique characteristics of the laser provide sufficient depth of field to accommodate scrap pieces of different heights (±2 cm), arriving at a velocity of 2 m/s and at different angles (± 12º).

This new MOPA system was developed in the frame of a research program supported by the European Commission through the FP7 project SHREDDERSORT.

Don’t miss the date. We’d be pleased to see you there and share this exciting development with you.

27 June 11AM
ICS Room 228, 2nd floor
Speaker: Youcef Lebour
Authors: Youcef Lebour, Jordi Juliachs, Carles Oriach