Optical Power Model of a Laser Bar Diode

Optical Power Model of a Laser Bar Diode

Ramon Borràs (a,b), Joaquin del Rio (b), Carles Oriach (a), Jordi Juliach (a)

(a) Monocrom S.L., R&D Department, Carrer Vilanoveta, 6, 08800, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain, (b) Politechnic University of Catalonia, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

Published in Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesVolume 1065Issue 3


This article proposes a modelling method for laser diodes optical output power including its dependency on temperature. The device used for this study is a 40 W Monocrom’s diode, with 808 nm wavelength emitted light and with a 19 emitters CS mount laser bar, mounted using the patented Monocrom’s clamping method. The aim of this study is to propose a Pspice modelling of the laser diode device, mainly focusing in the optical output power variation with the temperature and allowing its computer simulation. Also to setup a characterization system to obtain the necessary parameters values for the optical model mathematical expressions. Therefore, the article explains the proposed method for the optical output power model generation of the laser bar diode and how its parameters values are obtained, an optical output power measurement setup and its calibration, the obtained Pspice model and its simulation, and the characterization system that allows to obtain the necessary parameters with short rise up time current slopes. Finally, evaluation of results and related conclusions are exposed.

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