Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays

Laser diode packages for a single laser bar with conduction or water macro-channels cooling with great heat dissipation and an unprecedent low smile. Our single bar diode laser mounts are clamped with Monocrom Solder-free laser bar Clamping™ Technique that improves overall performance and prolongs laser diode life-time.

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Conducticon or water- cooled linear diode laser arrays operating in CW or QCW mode. Wavelength range starts at 640 nm up to 2200 nm. The stacks are mounted using a patented Solder-free Clamping™ own Technology that eliminates “smile effect”, enhances efficient cooling and extends laser useful life-time. Our patented ClampingTM technology is unique of its kind and is exclusively used in Monocrom diode laser packages.

The number of assembled stacks can be set according to clients’ needs. The stacks can be connected separately or in a series for individual or set control.


Additional Information
Wavelenght (nm)

760, 808, 880, 915, 940, 976, 1060, 1470, 1550, 1940

Output Power (W)

up to 40 / Laser bar, up to 200 /laser bar, up to 100 /laser bar, up to 500 /laser bar, up to 400 /laser bar, up to 250 /laser bar, up to 25 /laser bar

Operation Mode



Active, Passive




2-sides water cooling, Smile < 0.1

TDS - datasheet

AS-Mount, CS-Mount