Diode Lasers

Our high power diode lasers are based on laser diode bars packed with our solder free patented technology. A wide variety of wavelengths is available (640nm, 760nm, 808nm, 915nm, 940nm, 980nm and 1060nm) as well as power ranges (from 20W to multiple kW with stacks). Different cooling solutions are available in order to give the perfect balance between performance and price.

Monocrom provides its diode lasers in three different formats: laser heads, plug&play laser units and OEM systems. The OEM systems can be composed by separate parts: laser modules, cooling system and highly efficient own made drivers.

Monocrom CS-mount Products

Standard passively-cooled laser diode mounts

Monocrom AS-mount Products

Single bar laser diode mounts with water cooling on two-sides

Monocrom C-stack Products

Passively cooled laser diode mounts, up to 10 laser bars with a pitch from 1.5mm and above

Monocrom A-stack Products

Our best cooled laser diode mounts with macro-channels for high cooling efficiency and low maintenance cost

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