Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers

Monocrom excels in design and realization of diode-pumped solid state lasers capable of satisfying our customers most exigent requirements; and so its recognized by main laser companies worldwide.

Our diode-pumped solid state lasers benefit from the advantages of the clamping technology to deliver laser devices that excel in the medical and industrial fields. We supply lasers at 1064nm, 532nm and 527nm both in CW and Q-pulse modes.

Monocrom Multipath 532-3W

Multipath 532-3W

532 nm diode-pumped solid state laser, 3W at continous wave (CW) / 8W at quasi continous wave (QCW) 

Monocrom LQ-527-12


527nm diode-pumped solid state laser intended for ophthalmology, pulses of 1.7ms with up to 1mJ

Monocrom X532CW500


Compact diode-pumped solid state laser with integrated electronics, up to 500mW - 532nm

Monocrom LU-LPQ-1064mJ


Diode-pumped SSL MOPA-system . Provides up to 20mJ in less than 2ns pulses at 1064nm

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