Digital Laser Drivers

Digital Laser Drivers

DAE-20050 is a compact and powerful laser diode driver. Current waveforms can be CW, modulated or pulsed up to 200A.

This driver includes a 32bit communication port. Commands allow the full control of the driver features (pulse generation, current level, temperature limits, pulse’s counter…) while keeping a great amount of information thanks to all the voltage, photodiode, temperatures, delayed trigger for syncs…).

DAE-20050 has been designed to support high power laser applications. An internal water circuit is bases for high demanding a Block diagram μC with an USB 2.0 signals available (current level, embedded in the applications

Digital Laser Drivers

Monocrom high power laser driver dae

Technical specifications

Output current < 200 A
Max. compliance voltage

45 V

Min. compliance voltage

10 V

Supply voltage1 < 50 V
Max. output power2 9000 W
Max. power dissipation allowed4 250 W
Rise time3 < 22 us
Fall time3 < 22 us
Max. pulse width4 CW
Output signals
Current monitor 10 mV/A
Trigger out TTL 5 V
Trigger out delayed TTL 5 V
Laser on out TTL 5 V
Input signals
Trigger input TTL 5 V
External current input signal 5 TBD
Emergency stop TTL 5 V
Laser on external TTL 5 V
Interlock TTL 5 V
Flow meter 5 I2C / TTL
Connectivity USB 2.0 / RS4855
Laser temperature sensor NTC, 10 kΩ @25 º C
Input water cooling tube6 4 x 6 mm
Water cooling temp > 14 º C
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 130 x 75 x 35 mm
Operating temperature7 15 to 60 º C

1. Aprox. 6 V above the compliance voltage. The minimum feeding
2. Instant Power. Maintaining the Heat Sink temperature below
3. Test conditions: VLD-=6 V, I=200 A. Lower rise and fall time available. Please,
4. The CW operation is allowed < 60 A, VLD- < 4 V, with 21º water refrigeration.
5. Under development.
6. Internal x external tube diameter.
7. Temperature measured by internal sensor.

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