Laser Electronics

Since our foundation we are designing laser electronics for our products and putting these design capabilities to your service. Laser diodes are tricky to handle from an electrical point of view, damage can occur or behavior can change. While laser diode reliability has significantly improved over the years, their sensitiveness to excessive current levels, electro-static discharge, and transients or current spikes is still an issue. Laser diodes can display excellent reliability under ideal conditions but to do so, they need laser electronics that fit them perfectly.

Monocrom High Power Laser Drivers Products

Analog and digital laser drivers to operate from a single laser bar up to stacks and assemblies of 20 bars

Monocrom Low Power Laser Drivers Products

Analog laser drivers with optical feedback to control laser single emitters

Monocrom TEC Laser Drivers Products

TEC laser drivers that control the temperature with a precision of 0,001°C to stabilize the laser diodes

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