Low Power Diode Lasers

These devices are based on single emitters. Wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm are available in a range of power that starts below 1mW and scales up to some watts. We have a wide portfolio of optics, mechanics and electronics to fit the most demanding applications.

High and medium power laser diode pumping units. Near infrared and green wavelength. Intended for ophthalmology, entertainment and industrial applications.

Monocrom excels in design and realization of solid state lasers capable of satisfying our customers most exigent requirements; and so its recognized by main laser companies worldwide.

Monocrom can provide the lasers in three different formats: laser heads, plug&play laser units and OEM systems. The OEM systems can be composed by separate parts: laser modules, cooling system and highly efficient own made drivers.


D series

Fixed focus laser modules.


T series

Adjustable focus laser modules.


C series

Fiber coupled laser modules.


S series

Thermaly stabylized laser modules.


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