Pumping Units

High and medium power laser diode pumping units. Near infrared and green wavelength. Intended for ophthalmology, entertainment and industrial applications.

Generate or amplify your diode-pumped solid state lasers with Monocrom pumping sources which assure a high level of confidence and reliability in all fields of application.

Monocrom CW Pumping Units

CW Pumping Units

Nd:Yag laser pumping units pumped at continous wave (CW) Ppeak: 120W/ 150W/ 240W/ 300W

Monocrom CW Pumping Source

CW Pumping Source

Compact water-cooled Nd:YAG laser pumping source. Ppeak 720W at continous wave (CW)

Monocrom QCW Pumping Units

QCW Pumping Units

Laser pumping units that operate in QCW, Ppeak: 450W/ 900W/ 1200W/ 1800W

Monocrom QCW Pumping Source

QCW Pumping Source

Pumping source with own capacitator bank and driver, Ppeak: 3600W/ 5400W

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