Thermal stabilized laser diode module

  • wavelength: 638 nm
  • power: 2 mW
  • TEC cooled
  • polarization maintaining
  • fiber output
  • narrow line width
  • high resolution temperature

Ldm s serie scaled

Technical specifications

Model Wavelength Power
S4010 405 nm 0,9~4 mW
S40120 405 nm 4,9~75 mW
S40150 405 nm 4,9~80 mW
S5380 520 nm 4,5~38 mW
S4580 450 nm 4,5~38 mW
S6305 632 nm 0,9~2 mW
s6380 635 nm 5~30 mW
S6317 635 nm 20~80 mW
S6535 650 nm 4,8~10 mW
S6590 660 nm 10~40 mW
S6710 670 nm 0,9~3 mW
S6750 675 nm 10~20 mW
S7810 680 nm 0,9~3 mW
S8010 808 nm 0,9~3 mW
S9850 980 nm 4,9~20 mW
S98100 980 nm 4,9~40 mW
S1050 1064 nm 4,9~40 mW
S10200 1064 nm 50~180 mW

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