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This product uses:

Solder-free Clamping Technology

Based on the mounting of laser diode bars without soldering.
The innovative “solder-free” technology is own and exclusive from Monocrom and is unique of its kind.

We are able to avoid “smile effect” and extend useful lifetime of our products.
Additionally, the use of macro-channels in the cooling system reduces maintenance problems and cost.

Icon no smile

No “smile” effect

Icon macro channels

Macro channels

Icon extended lifetime

Extended life-time

Icon high brightness

High brightness

Icon cooling efficiency

Cooling efficiency

Icon mechanical sress free

Mechanical stress free

This packaging is designed with care for nature following three simple sustainable practices:


Cardboard box: a nice design cardboard cylindrical box to store your tiny stuff. It’s ideal for food storage or as your children pencils box. Give it a second or as many lives as possible. Why not making it last for longer?


Inflatable air bag: it is made of 99% air and 1% recyclable plastic. Just prick it with a pin and let it deflate. Then you can recycle it easily into the yellow bin.