Aerospace & Defense

 Reliable and efficient Medical Laser solutions

Monocrom has been supplying laser technology for the Aerospace & Defense Industry for over 20 years already. We offer LiDAR SourcesTarget Aquisition and Laser Guidance TechnologyLaser Dazzlers, as well as, efficient Pumping Sources with outstanding performace in terms of accuracy, reliability and durability.

We can provide you with a diode pumping sources, a complete solid-state laser system o laser bar arrays with different architecture according to your needs and technical requirements. A high degree of flexibility and versatility for your developments is guaranteed together with a compliance with the military standard MIL-STD-810.

A solid expertise in laser physics and mechanical design together with the use of unrivailed, company exclusive technologies, allow us bring to furtition any product development: from a simple pointing laser device to a complex diode-pumped solid state laser for outerspace exploration.