Security Target Acquisition

military grade laser

Security & Target Acquisition

Visual Target Acquisition Systems


Monocrom offers a military grade laser range finders and visual target acquisition systems. Our lasers greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of defense systems, thus are the preffered choice of the modern army. The uses of Monocrom lasers include applications such as temporarily blinding and desorientating (laser dazzlers), laser guidance, laser sight, target designation and ranging, defensive cuntermeasures. We also provide laser systems for use in underwater communications for secure and timely transmission of information.


  • Dazzling
  • Guidance
  • Target designation
  • Ranging
  • Defensive countermeasures
  • Underwater communications
Security & Target Acquisition

Technical Specifications


wdt_ID Parameters A
5 Wavelength 640 – 2,900 nm
6 Power per Bar < 250 W / laser bar (CW) < 500 W / laser bar (CW)
7 Optics FAC / SAC / Bπ
8 Bars per stack


(pitch dependent)

9 Smile < 0.1 µm
10 Duty cycle > 1%