Precision Industrial Laser Systems

Monocrom precision industrial laser systems are proved to be more efficient, precise and versatile in many industrial processes compared to other products offered in the market. Sucessfully used in different types of material processing, from Surface Structuring, Marking and Stamping to steel Cutting and Roll-forming, our industrial laser modules offer a high electro-optical efficiency and reliable performace together with accuracy in operation. The result is high quality parts with superb finish.

We also offer price competitive laser modules for light-assisted sensing in modern production lines for the food and bevarage industry and laser-based illumination sources for 3D Scanning, Radiography Imaging, CTP, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Pattern Projection.

Our products can be found in quality control sensors, measuring instruments (pointers, levelers, distance range finders) profilers, markers, 3D scanners, holographic projectors, laser cutting and welding equipment, laser-assisted roll-forming and surface microstructuring equipment.