Edge-emitting Solution for Industrial Heating


Edge-emitting Solution for Industrial Heating

Direct diode solution allowing you controlling your Industrial heating application more accurately.

Controlling each and every part of the HeatMe module independently enabling much more flexibility with the targeted material.
This cost-effective solution is the next evolution in Heat treatment applications providing a scalable, flexible state of the art Heat source, which can be optimize to the necessity of your application.


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heat me circle         Controlable and adaptable


cost effective heatme       Cost-effective


low maintanance        Low maintenance


        Profinet or EtherCAT® protocol


Modular Heatme            Modular


Working distance optimization         Working distance optimization

Typical Applications:

• Laser cleaning
• Laser drying
• Laser pre-heating
• Softening
• Hardening
• Roll-forming
• Spin-forming

Full Subassembly:

• Laser driver & power supply
• Chiller (optional)
• Control PC (optional)

High Level Specifications

HeatMe table
Heat me Graph