Sorting in Food Production

Efficient Quality Control of Optimized Industrial Processes

Sorting in Food Production

Laser Technologies for Sorting in Food Production

Laser technology for sorting enables efficient quality control of optimized industrial processes. Its use in the food and beverage industry is widely spread in classifying fruits, vegetables and nuts on the basis of structural or color defects.

Monocrom laser sources come with various optics options and patterns projection to ensure the optimal performace and high accuracy. Applications include in-line detection or monitoring of target parameters such as dimensions, color, size at high speeds, where the targets are moving fast with a wide range of colors and levels of background ambient light. Wavelengths from 375 nm to 1550 nm  in a range of power between 1 mW and some watts.

  • Sorting in free fall
  • Quality control
  • Classification

This application list is not intended to be an exhaustive view of laser sources for sensing in production automation. The apllications are by no means limited to these examples, and may serve as a suggestion for similar or completely different applications.


Technical Specifications


wdt_ID Parameters A
5 Wavelength from 405 nm up to 650 nm
6 Power up to 300 mW
7 Operation mode


modulated up to 20 kHz

8 Power stability < 0.5% with temperature variation
9 Optics


collimated or focusable from 20 mm distance onwards

10 Boresight down to 0.2 mrad


· Very low line bowing submillimeter
· Thermo-electrical wavelength stabilization on request