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Hair Removal Lasers
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Hair Removal Lasers with High Power Diode Lasers

are widely used in Laser Hair Removal Technology, one of the epilation techniques that has evolved the most in recent years, since it makes us forget about unwanted hair forever quickly and safely. An increasing number of people are opting for a more permanent solution, and laser is delivering incredible results on almost everyone thanks to advances in technology.

MONOCROM  has a wide experience in producing and supplying hair removal laser components and modules. We are Number 1 Laser Manufacturer of Hair Removal Laser Diode Devices in Spain and Italy.

High flexibility and production capacity allow us to develop standard or OEM products, small quantities or large volume to the Aesthetics industry. We offer a large range of wavelengths and power, mechanical options and accessories, and fiber-coupling to a liquid fiber output of high power laser diodes.

Monocrom offers standard products for laser epilation for quick delivery and a capability to offer customized products based on the standard ones withing short delivery time. Or bring us your equipment parameters and we will build you a 100% custom-fit solution.

Hair Removal Diode Lasers: today’s top Hair Removal solution


The principle of light-assisted hair removal consists in applying a suitable light source to the skin in order to induce damage on the stem cells surrounding the hair follicle. As a result, new hair is prevented to grow for long periods of time or even permanently.

A suitable light source for epilation is a combination of a wavelength, fluence and pulse duration. At a range of 10-100J/cm2 fluence levels, the absorbed light turns into heat that burns the hair. Typical pulse duration is comprised between 10-100ms, but shorter and larger pulses can be used also in order to achieve a threshold temperature at the hair follicle.

The proper set of parameters depends on the relative melanin concentration in the skin and hair, which relates to the skin phototype (Fitzpatrick scale).

High power hair removal diode lasers are the best trade-off between versatility, effectiveness and cost. Their emitting wavelength is in the range from 760nm to 1064nm (and beyond) for light-assisted hair removal applications. Therefore, high power diode laser technology could be applied to any skin phototype and replace any other existing light-assisted hair removal system.

Indicated for: 
Permanent removal of unwanted body and face hair.


  • Reduces hair growth by 90 – 95 %
  • Less risk of damaging the skin around the hair follicles
  • Safe treatment for patients with darker and tanned skin tones
  • Pain-free treatment