Liquid Fiber Laser Diode for Hair Removal

A New Era of Hair Removal Laser Technology

Liquid Fiber Laser Diode for Hair Removal

Liquid Fiber Optic delivery of High Peak Power Laser Diode is now a reality. We call it THEA Technology, a smart combination of re-shaping & combining optics along with the use of a liquid optical fiber.

Our fiber-coupled high power laser diodes use a liquid fiber bundle of 3 to 5 mm diameter. They are ideal for hair removal treatment. Fiber coupling is the essential reason why the hand piece of this diode-based hair removal system is simpler and lighter, thus more ergonomic. We have kept the bulky laser components within the main body of the equipment, while at the hand piece there is only the fiber end plus a simple lens set, sensors and minor electronic components.

A liquid fiber has been chosen on purpose because it is less sensitive to excessive bending radii, with no risk of breaking it (there is fluid inside). Moreover, liquid fiber is more efficient in light transmission than traditional solid fibre bundles.

Our Liquid Fiber Laser Diodes combine different wavelengths in the same laser system, so the full range from 760nm to 1064nm could be covered by a single HPDL source.

Indicated for

  • Hair removal


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  • ergonomic, light-weight and shock resistant
  • non-soldered laser bars – CLAMPING® Tech inside
  • efficiency cooling system
  • extended useful life-time of the diode
  • flat Top beam profile
  • visible aiming beam

Technical parameters


LIV curve for a 10 laser bars, 3K W, 808 nm THEA module. Higher peak powers can be achieved for a 20 laser bar, 5 kW, 808nm + 880nm THEA module.


Energy per pulse for 3 different operating modes (10 Hz 5 ms, 10 Hz 10 ms, 3 Hz 30 ms)

Flat top profile, easy handling and much more…

  • fiber optic delivery for easy handling
  • flat top beam profile with nearly no divergence,
    ensuring uniform energy distribution and better
    penetration to obtain a more efficient depilation
  • visible aiming beam, showing the exact area
    treated by the laser
  • high current cables far from the operator’s hand
    as the diodes are inside the machine
  • the handpiece exit window is not in contact with the
    skin, thus avoiding gel and hair migration into the

As the high-power diode laser is remoted inside the machine, different handpieces can be easily interchanged just disconnecting the fiber, to obtain different spot size or shape on the skin.